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The most important features to look for when choosing a new mattress are comfort and support. People are in bed for around eight hours a night, which adds up to 112 days a year - so if your bed is uncomfortable then that's a lot of sleep you could be missing out on. Investing in the right mattress can make such a difference to your sleep and you will feel more energized during the day after a good night's rest. Dunlopillo are famous for producing comfy mattresses which transform your bedroom into a luxurious five star retreat.

The latex technology in Dunlopillo mattresses is what makes them feel so comfortable and luxurious to lie on. Dunlopillo take a natural and synthetic latex mix and turn it into latex foam using the Talalay production process. A Dunlopillo latex mattress offers enduring support thanks to the rigorous testing processes every Dunlopillo mattress goes through. A mattress which fits your body also aids a restful sleep because it means that you can stop tossing and turning and just relax in bed.

Dunlopillo mattress features

Dunlopillo mattresses have a range of features which makes them a smart choice for achieving a restful and comfortable night's sleep.

  • Support for neck and back pain - if you suffer from a bad back or neck pain then Dunlopillo mattresses are a superb remedy, as the latex offers individual support and moulds around the contours of your body shape.
  • Hypoallergenic - Dunlopillo mattresses are hypoallergenic as they are made from latex so they are an ideal choice if you suffer from allergies or have respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • No springs - unlike traditional mattresses, Dunlopillo mattresses don't have springs which can wear out and poke through the mattress surface even after just a couple of years.
-Keep cool - the way Dunlopillo mattresses are designed means that the latex in them is open cell, enabling the mattresses to offer superb breathability. The design also features a ventilated interior which helps to dispel any moisture and keeps your mattress fresh.

-Dunlopillo mattress guarantee - when you purchase a Dunlopillo mattress it will be protected under a five year guarantee whereby Dunlopillo will repair or replace your mattress for free if it is defective as a result of faulty materials or poor workmanship.

What Dunlopillo mattresses are available?

Dunlopillo UK manufacture a full range of latex mattresses to suit all requirements. Dunlopillo Firmrest mattresses are ideal for people who prefer firm support when they sleep and are a good choice for people who suffer from a bad back. Dunlopillo Firmrest also features Enhanced Moisture Management Technology which improves air circulation and helps to keep you cool on a night making it the perfect mattress for warmer weather. The Dunlopillo Memoir mattress is a great choice if you like a highly comfortable and indulgent feel from your bed, as it features a soft-touch stretch cover and an added layer of latex foam.

Make sure you check out the full selection of Dunlopillo mattress available so you can choose the right one for your requirements.

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Dunlopillo Mattresses Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/30