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According to many consumer reviews, the Spring Air pillow top mattress is a comfortably luxurious mattress with all of the benefits you have come to expect from Spring Air. The pillow top mattress gives the sleep the feel of sleeping on clouds, without the uncomfortable pressure points in the shoulder and hip areas which are common in so many other mattresses.

Another very popular aspect of the Spring Air Pillow Top is that it is extremely durable, with an expected usefulness of around 25 years. This is 25% to 40% longer than other mattresses of similar quality, and is even more economical when you consider that Spring Air is already very competitively priced.

The most common complaint with a Spring Air pillow top is that it becomes lumpy or shows sagging in a relatively short period of 5 years or so. This complaint is very real, and cannot be brushed aside, but the facts often show a very realistic explanation. Purchasing a mattress that is not well-suited to your particular sleep requirements is going to result in poor sleep quality for you, and is very likely to shorten the span usefulness for the mattress as well. A mattress that was intended for a heavier person will tend to show bunching or lumping towards the mattress center, while a mattress that was meant for a lighter body weight will begin to sag much sooner because it simply wasn't built to handle the extra weight. As you see, this can be avoided by simply purchasing the correct product, much like a pair of pants should be purchased at the correct size, or they won't be useful for as long.

A Spring Air pillowtop mattress can be compared with many brands, including Simmons, Chatham and Wells, and even Royal Pedic. In consumer reviews, Spring Air often comes out equal or better rated, while it is consistently selected as the best mattress value for the cost involved. It is competing against names which are much better known, and having a recognizable name could severely influence people's decisions, so it is likely that in blind testing a Spring Air would fare even better.

For many satisfied buyers, the Spring Air Four Season pillow top mattress is one the best mattress designs ever made. Does that make it the perfect mattress for you? Possibly, but only you can decide for yourself which mattress is best suited to give you quality sleep through the years. Just remember that whether you buy a Spring Air pillow top mattress or not, you will be investing literally years of use, so make your decision carefully.

Follow the links for the Spring Air Pillow Top Mattress. You can also read the best mattress reviews on every leading brand like Sealy, Serta and the Simmons Beautyrest.

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Spring Air Pillow Top Mattress

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This article was published on 2009/03/31