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A mattress is very important when it comes to providing you with a good night's sleep. Obviously, some mattresses provide

more comfort than others. You have to choose the type of mattress that meets your particular needs. The latex mattress is one

of the popular types of mattress. Latex is a type of foam mattress. A latex mattress is made of 100 percent natural latex

that comes from rubber trees. Latex mattresses are known to prevent allergies from dust mites and will relieve back pain. The

two basic types of latex that is used to make a latex mattress are synthetic and natural. A blend of these two types of latex

makes them the best selection.

To understand why this is true, you first have to understand some of the basics about the latex mattress. This mattress is

manufactured from one to four layers with a firm top and bottom layer. This makes the latex mattress very comfortable. There

are advantages and disadvantages to both the synthetic and natural type of latex mattress. The synthetic mattress is more

durable and the natural latex mattress is more comfortable. This is the reason that the blend mattress is so popular. They

provide both comfort and durability.

The latex mattress is made by two different methods known as the Dunlap method and the Talalay method. The Talalay method

uses wet latex and an extra space is kept at the top of the mold for the mattress. The Dunlop method is a better established

and older method where the latex is in a liquid form and is whipped to foam and vulcanized. The Talalay mattress is usually

softer than the Dunlop mattress.

It can be very difficult to choose the best mattress if you consider the two different manufacturing process and the e two

different types of latex. The synthetic latex mattresses that are manufactured with the Talalay method are more expensive

than the natural latex mattresses made with the Dunlop method. But an all natural latex mattress made using Talalay technique

is quite expensive. However, in spite of the expense, the synthetic mattress is the most popular because it is more

comfortable and softer.

All latex mattresses have a small hole in their surface that prevents allergies from dust mites and permits ventilation. All

brands of mattresses come with a money back guarantee and a limited period trial period. Therefore, if you don't like the

mattress you can return it to the manufacturer and will receive all of your money back.

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The Best Latex Mattress

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This article was published on 2010/10/29