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It can be difficult to find the right mattress. The purchaser needs to know about terms such as innerspring, density,

firmness, and others. One mattress that should be considered is latex foam mattress. The latex foam mattress is somewhat more

expensive than other mattress types, but has many health benefits, including allergy relief, temperature control, and good

back support.

The main reason that a latex foam mattress is more expensive than other types of mattresses is due to the process of the

latex core is formation. The latex is gotten from rubber tree sap. Rubber tree milk is sent to a plant where it is then

tested and mixed with air and water to create a fluffy and light foam. This foam is then poured into a mattress mold and

numerous pincore holes are created in the finished mattress core. After the mattress is vulcanized, it is washed and dried

prior to being tested for density, which should be high which with this type of mattress.

Most people find a latex foam mattress more comfortable that a traditional spring mattress as a result of its density. Coils

are used for resistance in a traditional innerspring mattress. Foam will last significantly longer than springs and provides

considerably more support. A latex foam mattress is even considered better than a memory foam mattress. Memory foam is known

for feeling like it melts beneath the user and for being warm. A latex foam mattress will conform to the body, but doesn't

melt and will provide more support for the back.

There are some consumers who consider that the melting properties of the memory foam also make the mattresses hot when they

sleep. Polyurethane is the primary component of most memory foam mattresses and is temperature sensitive. If a normal person

gets on the mattress, the polyurethane will respond by getting warmer. A completely natural latex foam mattress won't do this

since natural latex isn't temperature sensitive. When a person gets on it, the mattress will stay the same temperature.

There is another benefit to a completely natural latex foam mattress. This is very important to those who suffer from

allergies. Latex is inherently dust mite resistant, anti microbial, and hypoallergenic. There are no other mattresses that

can claim this. The best option for those who suffer from allergies is to cover the mattress organic cotton. Be forewarned

that this claim is only true of latex foam mattresses that are made from natural latex.

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The Latex Foam Mattress

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This article was published on 2010/09/22